Sepultura Berlinskaja II


Installation (Digital print, frame)

24 x 33cm


On the terrace of the Castelvecchio, a photographic element echoes the view, altered by intrusion of a myriad of block apartments captured on locations of Novi Beograd (Belgrade) and Lichtenberg (Berlin). Hypertrophied vision of overlapping cement cocoons blends with the components of the actual ambient, with the aim in making this visual breach, a zoom through an immaginary meridian where these contrasting realities, flatten and unify.

The installation was a part of the 2009 exhibition “Endenovo”, within the perimeter of Castelvecchio (Verona), on the paved bank of river Adige.


Sepultura Berlinskaja II (Eisenbetongrab) – Installation View (Verona)

Sepultura Berlinskaja II (Eisenbetongrab) - Detail

Sepultura Berlinskaja II (Eisenbetongrab) – Detail

Sepultura Berlinskaja II (Eisenbetongrab)

Sepultura Berlinskaja II (Eisenbetongrab)