(chocolate, wooden boxes, video screen)

7x6x3cm (figurine), 10x10x3cm (box), 20x20x4cm (framed video screen)


When the flourishing of transoceanic trade and colonialism made possible for the bourgeois class of the Flanders to express its prosperity through acquisition of art objects – the term “Vanitas” (lat. vanity, futility), acquired its new usage.
Flemish still lifes of the period were awe inspiring compendiums of earthly riches (such as gold, precious stones, white bread, sugar and chocolate) interwoven with religious monitions about the transient nature of all that is material (depicted through a presence of insects, sand clock, human skull). Often painters specialized in the genre would depict themselves surrounded with “Vanitas“ symbols.

The series of multiples “SchokoVanitas” – self-portraits realised in dark chocolate (75% cocoa) – proposes a take on ‘cultural consumerism’ idiom. The requisite for participation in consuming of the artist’s self- portrait(s), as ironic variation of ‘eucharist’ is to take part in the video-interview that documents the act and the impressions .


SchokoVanitas - up close

SchokoVanitas – up close

















Installation - chocolate multiples - video

Installation – Chocolate Multiples – Video






















SchokoVanitas - detail of the Installation

SchokoVanitas – detail of the Installation














Installation view

Installation view

















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