Antico Pelo

video installation

(digital screen, epoxy resin, plastic, synthetic fur)



This installation was realised for the exhibition “Fuochi Fatui” that took place in italian city of Pavullo sul Frignano, more precisely in the space of the Gallery of Contemporary Arts situated in lower chambers of the summer castle of Duke of Modena. The curatorial conception established that art objects on exhibit should be the only sources of illumination in the gallery. They attract the spectator each with their artistic substance, but their succession indicates the path through the darkness, the flow of the exhibitions narrative.

So is the light, the basis and the carrying structure for my video installation “Antico Pelo” – in form of a digital screen that continuously emits a sequence of frames where stroke by stroke portraits come to being and dissipate again. To screen glass is then fixed a portrait of unknown man realised in transparent epoxy resin. (As some sort of a nest, the fur envelops the glass-like face, and softens its hard edges.) Due to a particular way the light refracts through the resin, the painted animation played on the digital screen, with its fluid colourite engulfs the crystal portrait. Obvious association to blushing of the cheeks, creates desired dynamic contrast where the mask (in this simulation), cold and expressionless, is repeatedly provoked and revitalised by its gushing inner spectrum.

Antico Pelo - Installation View (Pavullo, Italy)

Antico Pelo – Installation View (Pavullo, Italy)




























Antico Pelo - Detail

Antico Pelo – Detail




























Antico Pelo - Detail

Antico Pelo – Detail