Homage to Hitchcock

Video installation

(wooden frame, brass plaque, video projection)

150x120cm (projection) / 40x30x7cm (frame)


Central element of the installation is a wooden frame, features the brass inscription: “Alfred Hitchcock 1899-1980″. The frame is integrated within a video projection, that (at a pictorial level ‘closest’ to the spectator) shows silhouettes of birds of prey (which usually in adhesive form, protect large glass surfaces by frightening the birds that try to fly against it). Beneath the ‘protective’ layer, appear brief glimpses of these animals extracted from the film “The Birds” (1963), against the background – recording of the sky at dawn, taken at the place of the exhibition (January 2009, Bologna, Italy). These three layers, closely attached to the barrier between the two and three-dimensional plane, constitute a hypothetical ‘fourth wall’.

The imaginary attack of the birds could only be employed through the remaining surface void of protection silhouettes, i.e. through the narrow frame. By rupturing the veil that separates the illusion from reality, in a struggle of passage, birds wings, beaks, eyes and claws, for a moment would form an ‘arcimboldian’ portrait of their creator.

Hommage to Hitchcock (Bologna)

Homage to Hitchcock (Bologna)











Hommage to Hitchcock - Detail

Homage to Hitchcock – Detail












Hommage to Hitchcock - Installation View

Homage to Hitchcock – Installation View